Friday, February 27, 2009

Jocey's new leg warmers!!

Yeah I said leg warmers! They are all the rage right now, and look super cute with a shirt and her little cloth bootie!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

yeah I know it's been awhile....

Okay so since its been like 4 months since I last posted anything, I guess here it goes!

We are approximately 8 weeks from leaving Abilene, TX and I can't wait!!! I am going to miss a lot of people here, but I am definitely ready for some change! We still dont have the house sold, but it is getting seen, so I know its only a matter of time! We are looking at renting a house in Albuquerque, just looking for the right place in the right neighborhood! Our friends the Joiner's who are also going through this school that Jeremy is doing are leaving next week, and it makes me all the more anxious!!!

Joceyln is nearly 17 months old now and is becoming quite a little character! She is running around all over the place, and learning new words all the time! Chloe is growing like a weed as well....7 going on 15 somedays, reading chapter books at her level and a bit beyond! She is sad to leave her friends here in Texas, but knows that its part of life as a military kid! We have told her to think of how many cool places she will get to see with daddy in the Air Force, and how many penpals she will have!

Here are a couple of recent pics!

Jocelyn at a Birthday party at the Gymnastics Sports Center, jumping on the trampoline with daddy!
Chloe getting ready to flip!
The girls at Nana and Papa's making sugar cookies for Santa with our friend Amanda in the background!
We made a trip to the OR coast while we were visiting Jeremy's side of the family! We had to see the sea lions whil we were in Newport!