Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Its down to the wire now

Well folks we have a date for the movers and a tentative date (less than 3 weeks now) for getting the heck out of Abilene....there's just one problem....the house is still not sold. So as of today we are in contact with a leasing agent, and with any luck by Monday all will be said and done so that we can get renters in here as soon as we are out.
We have been doing everything possible to get this house moved including dropping our price by over $3000. It hurts to do that, but i think this economy is just really not helping these matters. I have been so frustrated and stressed out, I have been taking it out on everyone I think, and I am sorry for that.
On another note, my baby girl is nearly 8 and we are throwing her a party at the skating rink before we leave here. Baby sister on the other hand is 18 months old tomorrow and I just cant figure out where time has gone. They grew up too fast(I know they aren't grown completely, but still).
That's really all for now, I will post new pictures sometime soon!

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