Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Summer...

Since Jeremy has been in school and working so hard to learn his new aircraft, I decided to take the girls to nana and papa's for the summer!
We have been here since June 8, and now only have 5 days left to our trip.....WOW time flies!
We have been keeping busy with swimming lessons, hanging out with friends and family, and just plain enjoying the weather!
School starts for Chloe on the 20th, she is going to a brand new school that will opening up to new students in Albuquerque for this year, so that is pretty exciting! She has grown so much this summer, I can hardly keep up with her! Jocelyn is growing each and every day right before my very eyes too! She probably says at least one new word every day since we have been here....
playing in the mud at Aunt Karyn's, Lebanon

Swimming at Splash Waterpark, Springfield

Vogt Family Reunion, Corvallis area

Mt St Helen's camping trip July 4th!

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