Thursday, December 13, 2012

The beginning of the end

This morning will be my last day working with all the kiddos at MDO(Mother's Day Out), and all of the terrific women I work with.  I am a bit sad, but also a bit happy because this marks the beginning of the end of our time here.

I originally started working this past spring to help out with finances after our house in Texas went empty.  It doesn't pay enough for me to have not needed to pull from savings every month, but it did help offset things a bit.  Now I will miss all of these kiddos and the ladies I work with.

We are leaving for the great PNW on Wednesday morning which is why today is my last day.  Tuesday C has an orthodontist appt. to see how her palette expander has worked for her, and to project when we will start braces.  Between that appointment and packing I won't have time to be at work for 5 hours!

 I always have mixed feelings as we begin a a military wife, you always hate to leave behind friends, and sometimes the place you've lived, but not always ;)  We have roughly 9 weeks left here, 3 of which will be spent back home for Christmas.  Now those of you who are military may realize what a short amount of time that is to prepare for a move, let alone a move overseas!  I am a bit stressed out about it all, but many of the things we need to prepare for can't even be done yet without hard orders, which we don't have yet.


This time is going to go so fast, my head is spinning just thinking about it...

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