Monday, July 29, 2013

I got my yoga on this morning.

In an attempt to re-familiarize myself with a solid yoga practice, I am following a few yoga videos via YouTube.  This morning I followed this Hatha Yoga practice, and I am feeling quite relaxed, yet ready to be productive in my day now.

If you are starting out with yoga, remember to be gentle on yourself, it is much harder to stick all the poses than you might think.  Wear comfortable clothing that will no hinder your movements.  I practiced this morning in some worn out leggings and a light weight hoodie with a sports bra, but ended up in just the sports bra and leggings about halfway through, I got sweaty okay ;)  If I had been in a group class I probably would not have been comfortable taking off my top, as my abs are a bit fluffier than I would like them to be, but really be comfortable in your own skin, especially in your home!

Time to do some crafts with the kiddos and do some light housework for the day...yay (or not).

Namaste my friends!

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