Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A sweet little gift

I love knitting, I love the art of it, I love the zen feeling it gives me to turn a strand of fiber into something gorgeous.  I (mostly) self taught myself via YouTube videos, and got a bit of tutoring via a good friend via FaceTime, about 3 years ago.  

I enjoy knitting for myself and my own family, but when really good friends have babies, I love knitting for them too!  Wee little knitted garments and toys are joyful gifts to give.

Here is the latest little lovely off the needles.

The pattern is Pepita on Ravelry, I altered it to have no feet though.  I feel like babies grow in length so fast, that putting feet on something limits the time a baby can wear something.  I hope my friend Natalie likes Pepita as much as I do!

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