Sunday, July 28, 2013

Taking this blog in a new direction

I've made up my mind to blog more, as in almost every day.  I know how much people hate lengthy status updates on Facebook, so in an attempt to reduce that on my end, I am going to make my blog that much better!

I've blogged minimally about our recent move to England, and my becoming a vegetarian, and getting my family on a cleaner eating regime, but that will become more of my focus on the blog from here on out too.

Change is good, and this year has been full of it for me.  I am realizing more and more what makes me happy, and what I want to do on a regular basis.

Since moving to England, I have successfully planted and maintained my first garden, with a few minor setbacks, and fresh ideas, I can't wait to make next year's garden a lot more successful!

I'm still loving ASL, and have thoughts of being an interpreter when I get back to the states, but I have also renewed my passion for yoga, and would really like to make that a lot bigger priority in my life in the coming year.  I've even begun looking into becoming a certified yoga teacher, so I can share my love of the practice with others.

I will probably oft write about my love of food, and cooking as well as share recipes, and food pictures(something else I know irritates certain people on Facebook)!

Good, new things to come from me, I can't wait to share it all!


Melissa said...

Woohoo, I just found your blog and see you're blogging again! I was missing your updates on Facebook. <3

Erin said...

Yes! Thanks for stopping by!