Thursday, August 1, 2013

A bit about England

We've been waiting for orders to somewhere really outstanding for a long time, we've enjoyed aspects of everywhere we've been, but honestly, my husband joined the Air Force with the hopes of getting to see the world!

When he got offered this slot in England we both jumped at the amazing opportunity.  How else in your life do you get the chance to live in a different country, for an extended amount of time, and then have the chance to soak up as much of this side of the world you can at a much discounted price than what you would pay coming over from the US?!  Probably for most, never.

Yes we miss our families, yes the weather is odd, yes they drive on the *wrong* side of the car, and road, but those things are so easy to overcome, and while we are 30-ish minutes away from shopping centers, we have been off and on for the last few years anyway.  PLUS WE'RE IN ENGLAND!!!!

We've made it a point to try and get out and start seeing things from the start.  Our first big adventure was to a local farm, for lambing season!  There were tons of lambs, many sheep still pregnant, and lots of other great things to see!

It was pretty cold and wet that day, but we all still had a really great time!

There are many many places to go, and things to see in this small country, that I hope we can pack in as much as possible, not only in England, but throughout the UK and parts of Europe as well!

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