Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Busy random blurbs

I can't believe ow quickly the last few days have flown by, the whole summer in that case!  The girls and I have been keeping busy with as much as we can handle while daddy works.  Just in the last two weeks we've been swimming, berry picking, and roller skating.  We've put in time in our garden, and have done some learning to sew projects as well as just plain old playing!

I have a dirty little secret... I'm addicted to a tv show that doesn't really give any benefit, and it's not even geared to my age group.  I'm in love with Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2. The one thing that KILLS me about these girls is their obsession with fake tans.  Do they not realize how horrible they look?

This is what I see...

Okay, not the green hair and white eyebrows so much, but you get my point!

On a nicer note, August is in full swing, that means back to school shopping, school supplies, and more importantly, my baby is going to school!  J is almost 6, and now that we are in England, and she could have started school at 4, and she could have started right away when we got here....I finally decided I do what her to have the British school experience.  I have convinced the hubby that she will come out on top because of it.  Generally speaking our American kids who go to British school, then go back to the states, can be 1-2 grade levels ahead!  She is very excited to go to school, no matter where she goes, but I will still probably cry a little, then enjoy a full day of quiet!  *wink*

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