Thursday, August 8, 2013

crafty or cleany or lazy

Those were my choices for the day, and I've done a bit of cleany, and a bit of lazy. (or maybe a lot of lazy, you'll never know)  I am trying to ward off a tension headache, plus I didn't sleep well...The kids are playing nicely together for a change though so that helps.

I am working on a chunky short scarf for a friend, and I have a hat to do for her too, as well as a pair of socks to get going for C, and a pair for me, and I have a pair of convertible mittens I'd like to do for myself before winter hits too.  You know the kind, mittens, but the finger part comes off and buttons back so you can use your fingers!  I have a great pattern I found on Knitty, I'll share them when I get to working on them for sure!  I also picked up some precut squares to add to J's crib quilt in my effort to convert it to a twin size for her, but I haven't started working on that yet either.

Sometimes I have crafters ADD/ADHD, so many projects to do, but I can't focus on any one of them for more than 5 minutes it seems like!

It's a bit cooler here today than it has been, and I am enjoying it immensely!  The windows are open and a nice breeze is coming in, it's blue skies with white fluffy clouds!

I noticed I have a handful of zucchini's (or courgettes to the non-Americans), but one has shown that they are getting blossom end rot.  *insert sad face*  I did see a blog post somewhere about saving egg shells, and grinding them up in the food processor, and adding it to the soil around the plant, so I am working on that.  I hope it will save the small growth from rotting too.  My tomato plants are doing nicely with growing fruit, but I still don't have any ripe, but when I do, I am going to have them coming out of my ears!

So yeah....I guess it's just been one of those days, things are getting done, but randomly, and leisurely.

What did you do(or what do you have planned) today?

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Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Girl I am so with you! I have ADHD when it comes to crafts, big time. Plus I am bad at them! At least you got some cleaning down, that's a plus esp. in my home. haha! I saw you on the link up, first time stopping by! Have a great night!