Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Irritations (VENT POST)

A lot of really dumb things irritate me in life, and I know I need to let go, I believe my mom once told me, " You can't police the world"  Well why not?

I am really a pretty laid back person, I follow the rules of life, the road, society, for the most part...the ones that effect others especially.  Being in the UK, we drive on the opposite side of the road, but some people are driving left side drive cars (US SPEC) and others are driving right side drive cars (UK SPEC), the bases have 2 lanes of traffic entering, for ID checks on the drivers side of each car, one lane clearly marked US SPEC, the other marked UK SPEC.  This morning on my way to Yoga class I am behind a line of 3 cars, with about another 4 behind me, all going to the UK SPEC lane, and I see a woman in a small SUV drive from the back of the line, through the empty US SPEC lane and get through, even though she had to park, unbuckle and lean across the car.  This pisses me off. She broke the rules, and was allowed to do so.  I mentioned it to the only guy checking ID's and he just shrugged his shoulder at me....REALLY.  That is just shitty in my opinion, shitty that nothing can be said or done, and shitty that there are people who think they are special enough to break the rules and get away with it.


I won't even get started about the 2 young women in my yoga class complaining about how much they hate it here because there is nothing to do.

Do they realize where they are?

Can I strangle them for not valuing the amazing opportunity that has been handed to them and they are sitting at home on their butts complaining about it?



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