Friday, August 9, 2013


4 years ago while living in Albuquerque, I heard about this fermented tea drink called Kombucha.  I hunted some down at the local health food store, and tried 3 different flavors.  GT's Grape became my favorite very quickly, as well as the strawberry!  Within the year I learned how to brew my own, and that not only saved me money but it was so much better!

Today I hosted a group of ladies from the area that I'm in a group on Facebook with, I taught them how to brew their own, and let them sample some of mine, since many had heard of the benefits of Kombucha but hadn't had any!

We had a lot of fun chit chatting, I got to snuggle a handful of babies, and met all their really great momma's!

Here's a good link with some information on Kombucha.
The amazing health benefits of Kombucha

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